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If you don't speak "Geek", let me explain computers to you in regular language that everyone can understand.

-Arlen Nagata


WordPress Seminar:
"Solutions to Every WordPress Problem Imaginable!"

Ok, that was over the top. We will at least help solve the Top 5 Problems website owners face. Then we'll answer your questions and see if we can't solve your problems too.

Arlen Nagata,

This workshop is led by Arlen Nagata from LLC. Arlen is a freelance WordPress designer/developer who's been working with web design since 1995. He runs a small team of entreprenuers who specialize in Websites, Online Marketing, Social Media, Video Production, Photography, and Graphic Design.

Arlen is a good presenter, but he excells at answering live questions! So, bring a list of your questions and Arlen will answer as many as possible.*

  • Open to anyone who wants to go farther with WordPress.
  • Hosted by the Oahu Online Business Meetup Group
  • Tuesday, April 22nd 6:00pm
  • At UH Manoa HIG 350
  • Parking: $_

Making Tech and WordPress Web Design Simple

If it’s all “Geek” to you, you need Arlen.  For years, Arlen has been keeping up with the trends of technology and providing simple, easy to understand help for others with their technology needs.

Arlen built his first websites in 1994 while attending college and professionally designed websites since 1998.  When WordPress came around, Arlen fell in love with the design and flexibility of what the system could do.  Now after countless classes and seminars, Arlen is the one teaching and training others to use WordPress.

Arlen will freely admit that he doesn’t know it all.  But he loves learning new tips and tricks and then sharing them.

Online Video Courses:

Teaching and training is one of my passions and I'm proud to share a few incredible classes with you.  I have taught Live Classes around Hawaii at the Kroc Center Hawaii and Hawaii Mac and Apple Users Society.  And online I have hundreds of students learning from these select courses.  

Basics of Using a Mac- Practical help to get your started with your Mac.

iPhone 101 with iOS version 7.0- Learn basics and advanced tips and tricks to make you a power user.

Manage Your WordPress Website on Mac and iPad- Take your website to the next level.

WordPress and Web Design

I love designing websites, teaching and training on WordPress and just giving back to the development community.  



Skills & Training Seminars Available:

I'm a regular trainer at the Kroc Center Hawaii and Hawaii Mac and Apple Users Society.  

  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)
  • Using your iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • WordPress & Web Design/Development
  • Adobe Creative Products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Photoshop Elements)
  • Apple iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
  • Apple iLife (iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, Garageband)

Arlen’s Background:

Arlen Nagata is a young entrepreneur in Kapolei, Hawaii.

A graduate of Punahou School, Simpson College in California, and International Graduate School in Hawaii.  Arlen is married to Melissa.

  • He “Design’s Hawaii’s Websites with WordPress.” at
  • He offers “Affordable Tech Support” and “Training in Plain English”
  • In his free time, he enjoys coaching volleyball at Island Pacific Academy and KOVA Volleyball Academy.
  • Arlen is also very active at his church in Kapolei.

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