Help! My Hard Drive Crashed!


I am a firm believer that Apple computers are built well and last a long time.  But of course, nothing lasts forever and there can always be that occasional bad part.

That being said, my friend’s hard drive crashed yesterday (just after the 1 year warranty, so you almost think they time these things).  The problem was he didn’t have a good backup of his iTunes library, photos, songs, apps, etc.

They were all housed safely on his iPhone and iPad, but have you ever tried to get those files onto your computer?

If you’re thinking, just sync the thing to computer with the replacement hard drive…

IpadIf you’ve ever tried that, you know that you will get a warning to the effect that because you’re syncing with a new computer, everything will be erased off the iPhone or iPad.

No!  I don’t want to format the thing, I want to back sync my library onto my computer.

In comes a program called iRip.

I have used iRip in the past to access my music collection on my second laptop, but this became a lifesaver for my friend.

The new version of iRip not only downloads the songs off the iPhone,  but the pictures, movies, books, and podcasts as well.

So iRip came to the rescue and recovered my friend’s library.

So, the moral of the story is BACKUP!

You never know when a hard drive will fail, fall, or go for a swim in lemonaide (that’s another story).

Do you have another solution?  How would you have handled this problem?

I’m Arlen,
I’m a Tech Geek, and I’m at your service!


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  1. Sure backups are so crucial.I never forget to backup all my files.And i’m currently using an online backup system called Safecopy backup.This saves my time and has saved me from spending tons of money.

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