Sync Files Easily (and backup too)

Have you ever forgotten a file at home that you wanted right when you got to work? That’s when we all think, “I wish there was an easy way to have access to all my important files…”

I used to setup complicated network and file sharing solutions. But those days are over.
Enter Dropbox.

Dropbox is a simple solution to synchronize your files between multiple computers, backup your files so you never lose them, and have access to your files wherever you go.

Dropbox is really simple to use. Download the application (Windows or Mac) and install it on your computer. As part of the installation you will setup a free account with 2GB of storage.

Dropbox makes a folder on your computer called “dropbox” and whatever you put into that folder is synced between all the computers you install your dropbox to, backed up online, and you can now access the files in that “dropbox” folder from any computer just by going to their website and logging in. There’s even an iPhone/iPad app.

This was such a simple yet powerful solution that I purchased the annual subscription for a full 50GB of space and I keep ALL of my files in my dropbox. But you don’t have to purchase it. Just download it, and get a free 2GB of storage. Here’s my link…
Click here to sign up (and I will get an extra 250MB of space).

Additional features:

  • Use the Public folder to share large or small files easily. Just drop your file in there, and get the link to that file from the website.
  • Versioning. I don’t know if that’s a real word, but Dropbox keeps every version of your file for 30 days. So if you decide you like a previous version of that presentation you made, just go back in time and restore the earlier version.
  • Security of all files and transfers.
  • Drop pictures into the Pictures folder to create an instant photo slideshow online.
  • iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry Mobile Applications are available free.
  • Integrate with many other apps on your mobile devices.
  • What’s your favorite feature? Leave me a comment.


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Maintaining Your Computer…

Many of us have a Windows XP computer that we just love. But perhaps it’s gotten a bit sluggish lately or maybe your programs freeze or stop working. It could be time for maintenance.

The easy solution to computer maintenance… hire me and I’ll do it for you.

  • I charge a very minimal $125 to do a complete backup for you.
  • After you have a backup, I can run a full set of maintenance for you for a very low price of $100. Tips are welcome.

For all you DIY people, here are some tips I emailed a friend who didn’t want to bother me with actually dealing with the problems.

  1. Make a backup of your photos and important things on an external hard drive. I think you might have done that already or we talked about it before. *Very Important, do this first and don’t do anything else unless you do this. 🙂

  2. Run some 6mo-1yr maintenance on your computer.

  3. Uninstall programs you don’t use anymore. (Some programs came with our computer and we haven’t ever used them. They’re just taking up space. Uninstall! Other programs we probably won’t ever use again… uninstall them, especially if you have CD’s so if you ever do need them you can put the program back. -Archive files you don’t use onto the external hard drive and delete it from your computer hard drive (you’ll still have a copy if you do need it) -Install and run a program like to clean out any spyware/Ads/etc. -Install and run a program like Glary Utilities to “tune up” your computer. -Defragment your hard drive. this normally helps to speed up your computer once you start to fill up the hard drive.

  4. Manage your startup programs -Download and run a program like “starter” -Explanation- many of the programs we install on our computers assume we will be using the programs often so they install little helper programs which start when you turn on your computer. The problem is, we rarely use those programs and when 20 programs all install a “little helper program” you can imagine that it will begin to slow your computer down. Our solution is to use this program to go through all the little helper programs which start with your computer and disable the ones you don’t really need. * Note, if you find a piece of software or hardware like a printer or scanner stops working after you do this, re-enable the little helper program that you think goes with the software or hardware (but this almost never happens).

Hope this helps, Aloha!