Setup a Design Workspace for Pages

Pages is a really powerful Design and Page Layout program. By far it’s my favorite iWork application because I use it everyday and I love how powerful and easy to use it is.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how I use it and some written steps for setting up a great design workspace.

When I open Pages, I click on “Fonts”, “Colors”, and “Inspector.” I arrange those windows like I have here. Fonts on top, Inspector and colors below and next to each other.

Then I open my file.

I click the bottom right corner and drag to make the file fill up the available screen space (I’m on a laptop so I have much less screen than you have with the imac)

On the bottom left corner is the zoom %. I change that to Fit Width so my file gets as big as my screen. Again that’s because I’m working on a laptop. You might choose 200% or something else that looks big enough to work with, while enabling you to see the layout well.

That’s how I setup my workspace. Now that I have everything open that I need, I can design to my hearts content. I can click on the various tabs in the “Inspector” panel to get to all the other options I need.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tip!

Blessings, Arlen