The iOS 5 Camera Trick No One Knows About… Until Now

Learn my secret iPhone Camera tip that I have not seen published anywhere else…

For many of us, the iPhone camera has become our “go to” camera of choice. It’s on our cell phone so we always have it with us. And if you have an iPhone 4 (or the latest iPhone 4s) then your phone takes amazingly beautiful pictures. I must admit that the iPhone pictures come out better than my point and shoot camera which I purchased a few short years ago.

Now with the recent introduction of iOS 5, a few really cool and powerful enhancements have been given to the phone. When the iPhone is locked or “sleeping” a quick double press of the “Home Button” will bring up a quick launch button for the camera. You don’t even have to type in your passcode to use it.

Then to help you compose better pictures you can turn on optional grid lines so we can use the “rule of thirds” to capture more interesting photos.

You can even tap and hold to auto focus and lock the exposure.

And of course, one final addition is the ability to use the phone’s “Volume Up” button to take the picture. Now we can finally hold our phone like a camera and take the picture as if it were a normal point-and-shoot camera. This is a feature I absolutely love!

But did you know that if you have headphones with volume control buttons connected to your iPhone while you take pictures… you know what’s coming. Yes, you can use the volume up on your headphone remote to take the picture. (I’ve also tried it with bluetooth, but I could not replicate the picture taking function. Perhaps your Bluetooth Headset will also take pictures.)

You may ask, why would you want to do take pictures with your headphones? Sharper, pictures, especially if you use your iPhone with a tripod. Or maybe just because you can. Using a remote to take pictures is generally an optional feature on DSLR cameras. But isn’t it good to know your iPhone can do it too?

So that’s it! Yes, it won’t change the world, but it’s something cool. And I love it when I put my iPhone on my tripod and take a few awesome and crystal clear pictures. I know this tip is useful for the most amazing iPhones ever.