When you are unable to update iOS and get this error, “unable to verify update” … “No longer connected to Internet.”

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I manage 900 iPads for my company and I was seeing this on about 30+ iPads.

The problem occurs when the iDevice downloads and update and is ready to install it but the update is never run.  Then when Apple releases a new update, it invalidates the old update through code signing and there doesn’t seem to be a way to check for newer updates.

After searching the forums, the solution that seemed to work was putting the device into restore mode and connecting to iTunes to update. While that is a solution, I found a better one.

Easy Solution to the error: “unable to verify update” … “No longer connected to Internet.”

  • Power Down the device. (Hold the power button for 5 seconds until you see the “Slide to Power Off” then slide and power off)
  • Turn on the device
  • Check for updates

Hope this helps all the people on the internet with this problem.


Getting Started with iOS 8

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know I just taught a seminar today at HMAUS (Hawaii Mac and Apple Users Society) on “Getting Started with iOS 8.  The live class covered a ton of topics and answered a bunch of questions from the members.  But for those of you who are not a part of HMAUS yet… hint hint.  I’ll share what we covered and I’ll even publish my 19 page handout on iOS 8’s new features for normal people.

Here’s what we covered:

Basic iOS 8 Tips

  • Spotlight is actually useful now.
  • Built in keyboard is even better with predictive text.
  • Interact with your Notifications like text messages.
  • Mail is better if you swipe.
  • Messages are much more than txts.
  • Camera has new photo/video modes.
  • Photos has more editing options.
  • Health Kit can give emergency medical info.

Advanced iOS 8 Tips

  • Multitasking now contains your contacts.
  • Third party keyboards are awesome for geeks.
  • Notification Center Widgets gives power users quick actions.
  • Extensions in Sharing, File Actions, and More allow you to do more with data.
  • Handoff/Continuity helps you work between devices.
  • Siri live dicatation types while you talk for better dictation.

Click here to download the Getting Started with iOS 8 Handout.

Before you Purcahse Apple Products…

This is just a thought I had…

Recently, I purchased Final Cut Express, Apple’s prosumer video editing program. I’ll be using it in about a month to edit some video on a project I have coming up. What I forgot to consider is that Apple tends to upgrade their software on a regular schedule. And in the next month or two, Apple could put out a newer shinier, better version of the product I just paid for. Had I been patient and waited, I might have gotten the newer program. Oh well. Maybe my loss will be your gain…

🙂 arlen