Get another year of life from your 2007 MacBook Pro

imageGet another year of life from your 2007 MacBook Pro

Apple Computers have a reputation of resisting upgrades. But there are a few options for some models of Mac.

The 2007 MacBook Pro has some upgrade options. And the upgrade that will give you the best bang for buck is upgrading the hard drive.

I’ve upgraded a few of these MacBooks and installing an SSD hard drive has a huge impact. Here’s what one of my friends just told me about the upgrade I just did for her.

Thanks Arlen, my MacBook is running great, I feel so much more productive now! -K. F.

You can get a high quality 256gb SSD hard drive for about $120 at the time of this article. And if you’re willing to do the work that’s the only cost to you.

Here’s the process I use when upgrading a working hard drive.

  • Make sure the MacBook is running well.
  • Do some cleaning.
  • Remove duplicate files
  • Repair disk permissions
  • Run other maintenance scripts.
  • Remove or backup old files.
  • Empty the trash (on the Mac, not the kitchen)
  • Clear all caches.
  • Make sure the SSD you purchase is large enough to replace your existing hard drive.
  • Purchase the SSD
  • Clone the Old Hardrive onto the new SSD
  • Test boot from the SSD
  • Discharge any static electricity and wear an electronic strap.
  • Remove the bottom MacBook Case
  • Remove the old hard drive
  • Replace with the new SSD
  • Replace the bottom MacBook case
  • Success!

Before you upgrade your MacBook Hard Drive

  • Only a few MacBook models are upgradable. Be sure you know if you can upgrade before you begin.
  • Static electricity can KILL your computer. Read some detailed tutorials online and understand the risks and snafoos.

Not Worth The Risk?

I’ll do the whole upgrade for you for $200 including a 256GB SSD hard drive. Your MacBook will feel like new and you too can renew your productivity.

Using the Address Book on Your Mac

Today, I want to show you how to customize the Address Book on your Mac so it fits how you want to use it.

Hope you enjoy this week’s tutorial.

Arlen’s MacTips-Address Book from Arlen Nagata on Vimeo.

Editor’s Note: I have decided to focus my blog on answering your questions and Video Tips. I might dabble into WordPress tips from time to time, but my focus will be on Simple Videos to help you use your Mac more efficiently.

As always, send if your questions via email, facebook, or call me. I’m more than willing to answer your questions.


Leeward Oahu Mac & Apple Seminars

Hi Friends,

I just posted this on Facebook.  Is anyone interested in free seminars on learning how to use your Mac Computers?

I know we have the Apple store in town, but honestly that is so far away from home for most of us in Leeward Oahu.

What would you like to learn?

What are you having trouble with?

Email, FB, or comment and let me know.

If I get a group of about 10 people, I think I’ll start something up.


What’s the Best Web Browser?

There’s a lot of hype these days about new web browsers.  Google has a new browser called Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser among techy people.  Apple’s Safari is now on both windows and Macs.  And of course, Internet Explorer is built into the fabric of Windows.

Many people don’t think twice about their web browsers.  They just start whatever is the default on their computer.

But there is good reason to consider alternatives, but which one…

My short answer is the only web browser you should NOT use is Internet Explorer.  Although it comes built into every Windows machine and there’s no way to remove it, it has many shortcomings and security issues.

All of the other modern web browsers are great.  But I believe you will be even happier once you do a little customizing.  So, here’s a 10 minute video explaining some upgrades for your web browser of choice.

And if you’re wondering what I use… I like to use Chrome for general web browsing and Firefox for work and web design.