What’s the Best Web Browser?

There’s a lot of hype these days about new web browsers.  Google has a new browser called Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser among techy people.  Apple’s Safari is now on both windows and Macs.  And of course, Internet Explorer is built into the fabric of Windows.

Many people don’t think twice about their web browsers.  They just start whatever is the default on their computer.

But there is good reason to consider alternatives, but which one…

My short answer is the only web browser you should NOT use is Internet Explorer.  Although it comes built into every Windows machine and there’s no way to remove it, it has many shortcomings and security issues.

All of the other modern web browsers are great.  But I believe you will be even happier once you do a little customizing.  So, here’s a 10 minute video explaining some upgrades for your web browser of choice.

And if you’re wondering what I use… I like to use Chrome for general web browsing and Firefox for work and web design.