Don’t Use the Internet at Starbucks

Hi Gang,

Just a quick tip on security. This one is especially for you iPad owners because sometimes we use our mobile devices without thinking about the security ramifications.

Did you know that if you are on a public wifi like a starbucks or similar location, you should not check your mail or log in to any websites (unless you take some precautions for your security).

The following article will explain this in more depth, but I thought it a good warning because we all need to consider internet security and more so as we become more and more mobile.

Cloak your connection to foil Firesheep snoopers

Even on a “secure website” you may be at risk if the website is not setup with the proper level of security.

I also recommend using a VPN service if you frequently use public internet.
I’ve been pleased with two services in the past (although I am a very infrequent user).

  • witopia

Have a great day, and be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves.