iPad Mini- A Great Upgrade

Like most people, I didn’t know if I would want an iPad Mini.  I just got a used “The New iPad” aka iPad 3.0.  I really love the “retina display”.  I read a lot on the iPad and actually for many things I love the iPad more than my Macbook Pro (no retina display yet).

Originally, I intended to buy the iPad, watch as everywhere sold out of these iPads and make a few bucks by selling it on Craigslist.  Well that didn’t happen because I started reading all the reviews and news about people’s actual experience with these iPads and I was sold (actually I’m pretty impressionable when it comes to Apple products).

I’ve been using the Mini for few days, and I love it.  It actually fills a different niche in my life.  It’s ultra portability and light weight makes it a great reading tool.  Remember I said I read A LOT on the iPad.  I don’t even notice that it’s not a retina display.  (And I refuse to put the mini and 3rd Gen next to each other).  The lightweight, portability far outweighs any negatives.

My feeling is that this is a worthy upgrade because of the wonderful form factor.  If you want to be more productive with a mini, use a bluetooth keyboard.  You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re not in the market for an iPad or Mini, then just wait.  People and tech reviewers are so impatient!!!  No, this wasn’t the cheap $200 competitor.  But the way the iPad mini performs, it doesn’t have to be.  But just wait until next year, when this model costs $249 and a better model is released at $329 or optimistically $299. Next year is when Apple will hit all the price points with their iPad lineup and that’s when the competition will weap more tears.

Upgrade now or upgrade next year.  I have a feeling most of us will be using iPad minis in about a year and a half.

So, I’m keeping my iPad mini (Darn you Apple!!!).  I guess it’s time to go to work so I can actually pay for this stuff.

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