Free WiFi Router for your iPad Mini


Here’s a great companion to your 16GB iPad Mini.

I just received one in the mail and I’m really impressed.  I used to have a MiFi from Sprint.  It was considerably bigger, the battery didn’t claim to last a long and it was heavier.  It’s hard to believe this small unit is going to download the internet to my devices at 12mbps.  I haven’t used it much, but connecting at home gave me a fast enough internet connection and 4G according to the green light on the front.

The unit comes to you with a $99 refundable security deposit and each month you get 500MB free.  Additional data can be purchased at competitive rates.  A few more weeks with my iPad mini and I may just sell my 3rd Gen iPad to Gazelle and come out with a little profit.

The key selling points of the 3rd Gen iPad for me were:  Siri, 4G wireless, Retina Display, and Mobile hotspot included (Verizon models).  The iPad mini has: Siri, no retina display, and the FreedomPop has all the rest.  One question remains… can I use the iPad mini to get some work done?  (I have a bluetooth keyboard which might facilitate that nicely).  We’ll see and I’ll let you know on this blog.

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