Apple Pay Made My Purchase Almost Too Easy

Photo via Colin

When Apple released iOS 8.1 on Monday, I was eager to install it on my shiny iPhone 6.  One of the main reasons I upgraded (besides my addiction to tech) was Apple Pay.  I find it very intriguing to possibly go “walletless” and use my iPhone to pay for things.  

So today, I walked over to the soda machine only to realize that I didn’t have my wallet on me.  I left it at my desk.  But I had my iPhone and there was an NFC pay terminal connected to the soda machine.  So, I thought, why not try it…  

I’m not sure if all of these steps are required, but this is what I did…  I pulled out my iPhone, opened Passbook, selected the Credit card I wanted to pay with held it next to the NFC pay terminal, Touch ID showed up on the screen.  I placed my thumb on the home button of my iPhone, and success, I just paid $1.50 and a soda was dispensed for my enjoyment.  

Honestly, I got almost as much enjoyment from using Apple Pay.  

It was so easy and simple.  Almost too easy.  Now everywhere I go, I’m looking for NFC pay terminals.  I know they have them at Mc Donalds… Can you say dinner?  Ok, maybe not dinner, but I may not be able to help myself in a few days.  

What’s your experience with NFC payments or Apple Pay?  

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