Getting Started with iOS 8

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know I just taught a seminar today at HMAUS (Hawaii Mac and Apple Users Society) on “Getting Started with iOS 8.  The live class covered a ton of topics and answered a bunch of questions from the members.  But for those of you who are not a part of HMAUS yet… hint hint.  I’ll share what we covered and I’ll even publish my 19 page handout on iOS 8’s new features for normal people.

Here’s what we covered:

Basic iOS 8 Tips

  • Spotlight is actually useful now.
  • Built in keyboard is even better with predictive text.
  • Interact with your Notifications like text messages.
  • Mail is better if you swipe.
  • Messages are much more than txts.
  • Camera has new photo/video modes.
  • Photos has more editing options.
  • Health Kit can give emergency medical info.

Advanced iOS 8 Tips

  • Multitasking now contains your contacts.
  • Third party keyboards are awesome for geeks.
  • Notification Center Widgets gives power users quick actions.
  • Extensions in Sharing, File Actions, and More allow you to do more with data.
  • Handoff/Continuity helps you work between devices.
  • Siri live dicatation types while you talk for better dictation.

Click here to download the Getting Started with iOS 8 Handout.

Why Gmail Is The Best!

Hi Friends,
Here’s my notes of what makes Gmail different and better than other web based email or the email addresses that come with your internet service.

  • Don’t delete messages, archive them.
  • Lots of space (7.5GB and growing). Many services give you only 1GB.
  • Quickly search and find messages (because you didn’t delete them, you archived)
  • View your messages as conversations (all emails, replies, & forwards will be joined into a conversation to keep you focused on the topic at hand)
  • No Spam! Gmail has some of the best “spam” filers. I don’t remember the last time I received spam.
  • Brand New: Priority Mailbox- allow gmail to auto sort your mail into Important emails, regular emails, and emails which you star as important.
  • Label emails rather than put them into folders. You can give an email multiple labels to help you sort and organize.
  • Use a filter to apply labels and actions automatically as mail arrives.
  • Free IMAP and POP access to your mail when you’re offline. Some webmail services charge for these features.
  • And much more… aka “labs” with new features and additions.

Gmail is always growing and changing. But I love using it.
Personally, I am using a Macbook Pro with an SSD Hard Drive so space is a premium and I’m glad I can keep my 4 GB of email and attachments online and not cluttering up my computer.

Got a gmail tip of your own, post is and share it with the rest of us.


How to send a Secure Email Attachment…

A friend of mine asked me how to email attachments securely. Here’s my response.

1- If you’re sending a PDF, you can secure the PDF with a password.

If you already use acrobat professional to make PDf’s you’re all set. Acrobat will allow you to add security with a password. If not, windows users can download a free PDF creation software. I believe Bullzip PDF supports security. Bullzip PDF installs as a printer so when you have your document open, print it and select Bullzip as your printer, it creates a pdf and gives you security options. Mac solution: For those using Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Leopard, PDF creation is built into the operating system. When you have your document open, choose File -> Print. You should see a PDF button. Click it and choose save as PDF. You’ll see a “Security Options” button and you can click there to add a password.

2- If you’re not sending PDF’s or you like this solution better, use a compression program.

Windows users can choose from a myriad of options. I like 7zip or winzip to compress and zip the file. You can also add a password to unzip the file. Mac users also have lots of options for compression applications. I use Better Zip. It’s not a free program, but perhaps there are free compression applications which can add security. Email me if you find one. 🙂